Weekly English Quiz – I

“Practice Makes a Person Perfect” 

This saying is as true as it is old. The more you practice, the more you can work on the areas you find troublesome, and the better you can become. Everyone, from a sportsperson to a singer to a lawyer needs practice; so why not a CLAT Aspirant? In fact, CLAT preparation is impossible without practice. As a CLAT Aspirant, you need to practice by attempting a lot and lot of quizzes. We at CLATaholic realise that and that’s why we bring to you an English quiz every week. The quiz is based on the Foreign Words, Idioms and Legal Maxims that are uploaded on our Facebook Page everyday.

Click Here to download the quiz.

Remember, CLAT 2017 comprised of 15 questions on legal maxims. Vrishank Singhania followed our Facebook posts and he got all 15 correct. You can too! 🙂


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