Legal Reasoning Quiz – IV

“Practice Makes a Person Perfect” 

This saying is as true as it is old. The more you practice, the more you can work on the areas you find troublesome, and the better you can become. Everyone, from a sportsperson to a singer to a lawyer needs practice; so why not a CLAT Aspirant?

As a CLAT Aspirant, you can practice by attempting a lot and lot of quizzes. We at CLATaholic realise that and that’s why we bring to you the Legal Reasoning Quiz – IV.

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0 thoughts on “Legal Reasoning Quiz – IV

  1. Hello,I just wanted to k ow that the level of questions which u give in these quizzes is at par with what comes in the CLAT exam , lower or higher than it.

    Which topic in legal reasoning is prone to making mistakes at?
    What level of questions should we solve while practicing?

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Apoorv. CLAT doesn’t really have a level. While the CLAT 2015 exam was the toughest one ever, CLAT 2016 was the easiest one ever. Our quizzes are something like that.

  2. Hello, I have a doubt.Answer of question no 10 of this quiz differs in different booklet.CL booklet says it is discriminating directly because of the fact that discrimination on basis of age comes under under ‘other status ‘as provided in the principal.Universal booklet says it is indirectly discriminating.And now according to your answer it is not discriminatory.
    Please clear it.
    And please suggest any booklet covering question of legal reasoning topicwise including previous year questions.

    1. This is a typical question where different books provide different answers. If you look at the previous year papers, this question has, in fact, had three different answers in 3 different papers. So all we can advice you is to go with your gut!

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