Legal Reasoning Quiz – III

“Practice Makes a Person Perfect” 

This saying is as true as it is old. The more you practice, the more you can work on the areas you find troublesome, and the better you can become. Everyone, from a sportsperson to a singer to a lawyer needs practice; so why not a CLAT Aspirant?

As a CLAT Aspirant, you can practice by attempting a lot and lot of quizzes. We at CLATaholic realise that and that’s why we bring to you the Legal Reasoning Quiz – III.

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0 thoughts on “Legal Reasoning Quiz – III

  1. In question 10
    even thought rohit has not said anything positive about the car he is auctioning but the mere fact that he is offering to sell it makesa him liable to disclose all important facts about the car which can affect the deal. His silence means that the car has no defect and thus he has committed fraud isn’t it.

    Can you guys explain this question please

    1. Hey Rajat.
      A person is not obliged to disclose the faults of the good he is trying to sell. It is the duty of the buyer to satisfy himself with regards to the quality of the goods before purchasing them. Therefore, in this case, it was not the seller’s fault. Whether or not it is an auction is an immaterial fact.

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