About Us

CLATaholic was started in November 2016 with a dream in mind – to be a CLAT Aspirant’s friend. It was started with the aim to provide quality, reliable material to CLAT Aspirants, together with mock tests, quizzes and a mentorship program.

Our Story

While preparing for CLAT, we realised that there existed serious information assymetry regarding the entire exam. The entire system was plagued by 3 evils: (i) a lack of clarity regarding the syllabus, (ii) an abundance of mediocre ‘CLAT Experts’ who have never written the exam themselves, and (iii) a series of coaching institutes providing irrelevant material at outrageous prices. This is why we entered the system, and are trying to change it. So we put our vision into reality and created CLATaholic in November 2016.

Mission Statement

We, the members of CLATaholic, pledge to:

  • provide CLAT Aspirants with the right guidance, training and mentorship,
  • bridge the information assymetry between the coaching institutes and students,
  • provide mock test series and mentorship program at affordable rates,
  • try to ensure that a person’s socio-economic background does not impede his/her CLAT preparations,
  • to do everything in our power to enable as many students to succeed as possible.

Our Team

  • Harjas Singh: Having secured AIR 11 (CLAT 2015) and AIR 19 (AILET 2015) in two law entrance exams, he joined NLSIU Bangalore in 2015. Currently a 4th year student and the vision behind this initiative.
  • Prithvi Joshi: He is the man who handles the day-to-day operations of the initiative, from mails to posts – everything! Prithvi secured AIR 12 in CLAT 2016 and is currently in the 3rd year of his education at NLSIU Bangalore.
  • Several Students of NLSIU: Several students across batches help out with the initiative by setting mocks, preparing quizzes, mentoring CLAT aspirants, and compiling the preparatory material that is posted on our website.


We are not in it for the money. We just wanna help you!