Personal Mentorship for CLAT and other Law Exams

Afraid of the new 2020? Join CLATaholic’s highly effective mentorship program to supercharge your CLAT preparation. All our mentors are students from NLSIU, Bangalore who know exactly how to prepare in order to secure a top CLAT rank.

Our mentors speak several languages (English/Hindi/Malayalam/Kannada,etc.) and are from all across India.

Mentorship Program for New CLAT 2021

We at CLATaholic realise the vital role played by a seniors, a friend, during your CLAT preparation. Our mentorship will help you crack the new comprehension based CLAT 2021 paper. The right guidance by a senior helps channel the immense efforts you put in during your preparation, which translates into more marks, better rank, and a top NLU!

You can get yourself a mentor for a year, just for Rs. 3499!

About the Program

  • The mentorship program will commence on the day you enroll, and continue till CLAT 2021.
  • Our mentors are from all over India and speak most languages. Mentorship will be provided in Hindi/English/Malayalam/Tamil or any language you are comfortable in.
  • A student from NLSIU will be appointed as your CLAT mentor.
  • You will be able to talk your mentor at any time (that both you and your mentor are comfortable with) over phone, text, Whatsapp and email.
  • Your mentor will oversee your preparations, giving you specialized guidance and clearing your doubts regularly.
  • Ideal for those who want to self study and crack CLAT as well as those who have already joined a coaching center and want personalized support. Perfect for those who want online coaching as well.
  • Your mentor will help you analyse your mocks and will suggest ways to improve your score.
  • With new CLAT 2021 pattern, you need someone who can tell you exactly how to go about preparing for the exam. Our mentors will help you master the new comprehension based format.

Viraj Ananth (AIR 1, CLAT 2016): “I have some unorthodox advice to give others. Find yourself a mentor, someone from a law school, if possible.”

New CLAT 2021

With the new CLAT pattern focusing on comprehension based questions, most of you might be wondering how exactly to go about preparing for it. At CLATaholic, we always focus on teaching you methods and strategies rather than rote-mugging up learning. We’ll tell you how you can improve your reading and writing skills to prepare you for a top NLU! 

Why Enroll?

The mentors we appoint have experience. They have been where you are, and succeeded. They know what to study, how to study, and when to study in order to ace CLAT! They know what the important topics are, how to manage time efficiently, and how to balance various extra-curricular activities (not to mention, Board exams!) along with your CLAT preparations. But most importantly, your mentor will be your FRIEND, that one person who will understand what you are going through.

Vrishank Singhania (AIR 22 in CLAT 2017) agrees: “I can’t stress this enough but get a mentor, a senior who has aced CLAT. I got one through CLATaholic. This is something that really helped me and I’d be lost without my mentor.


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